Last Year: 2 wins, 13 losses- 6th

Roster: Bree Mellberg, Leanne Del Toso, Teisha Shadwell, Jessica Horvath, Jamie Villalon, Isabel Martin, Lynne Panayiotis, Kim Hampton, Kylie Prestwich, Laura Davoli, Brianna Obryan.

The Cobras have a pretty active fixture for 2018 with byes coming in Round 3 and 6. They host games in Round 2 and 7 and the penultimate weekend of the regular season will provide them with a chance to head towards the playoffs with momentum. However, they must be able to improve on the road if they are to reach the post-season after owning a 1-11 record away from home last year.

The Cobras may be playing with their backs against the wall in 2018 but with a couple of rising stars in their line-up, their future looks bright. Teisha Shadwell was named the Best New Talent last year after averaging 9.8 points and 7.9 rebounds while they will be looking for more offensive production from the likes of Jamie Villalon and Isabel Martin after they both showed promising signs throughout 2017. Leanne Del Toso will again lead from the front and will be a key member of their front court defence after finishing as one of six players to average a double-double last season. Laura Davoli is a great story as well with the youngster again getting the opportunity to learn first-hand from some of the league’s best.

One To Watch: 
Bree Mellberg. Only picking up the sport of wheelchair basketball in 2015, Mellberg has proven to be a natural and is now making waves on the international stage. She has competed for the Gliders in several tournaments and won bronze medals at the World Super Cup and Continental Clash last year as well as at the Osaka Cup in February. The confidence from those games is sure to help Mellberg after she averaged a very strong 5.8 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.3 assists last season.