The 2018 finals schedule is set following the conclusion of Round 8 with the Be Active Western Stars, Queensland Comets, Sydney Metro Blues and Sydney Uni Flames making up the top four.

The Blues will head into the post-season with some momentum after defeating the Red Dust Heelers in two very close contests at home.

Kylie Gauci and Georgia Munro-Cook leading the scoring, contributing a total of 56 points to the victories over the Heelers. While Kathleen O’Kelly Kennedy and Shelly Chaplin led the scoreboard for the Heelers with a combined 61 points. The Heelers ultimately fell short by only 5 points in their final round of the season.

The Sydney Uni flames split their 4 away games over the weekend.

Hannah Dodd was exceptional for the Flames against the Comets, with 27 points and 9 rebounds, while Liesl Tesch led with 18 rebounds, coming off the bench.

However, the Comets dominated the two games winning by an average 31.5 points with Cobi Crispin (23 points, 10.5 rebounds and 5 assists per game) leading the way while Mari Amimoto had a total of 32 points and 13 rebounds over the two games.

With these two wins, the Comets cemented their place in the top two by 2 points over the Blues.

The Flames missed Sarah Stewart their 3.0 MVP from last season who could’ve made the difference in closing the gap in the two games against the Comets.

Annabelle Lindsay was back in form in the two games against the Kilsyth Cobras, averaging a double-double of 30.5 points and 14 boards, while Hannah put up some massive numbers again with 18 points in the first game, and 14 points in the second game.

The Kilsyth Cobras fought hard in their final round, as they have all season with only 6 players on the squad, five of which hit the scoreboard on both nights.

Teisha Shadwell and Leanne Del Toso did most of the heavy lifting, with Leanne leading the scoring with a total of 28 points while Teisha led the rebound count across all teams over the weekend with 28 boards.